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Sthapathy Associates

Sthapaty Associates is dedicated to the construction of traditional Kerala style Houses. Our expert team of architects are talented to renovate the old houses to a new look in traditional design concepts. Our constructions are preferably based on the architectural principles of Thachu Shastra . We dedicatedly concentrate on the ancient principles of architectural designs,without the trace of concrete materials. And on that design structure the most noticeable advantage is the ecofriendliness.

Kodungallur formerly known as Musiris, rich in diversification of both culture and construction, historical symbols and pride. It is where our company, sthapathy associates is situated. Our is a company aged 30 Years in kodungallur. We have build traditional & modern villas, flats, auditoriums and educational institutes. We have done many works all around in Kerala. We are so proud to claim that we have all ready constructed huge projects in different part of our state. Sthapathy was able to handover keys to the Nalukettu project, a construction style which gives the aesthetice look and feel of kerala's traditional houses . Our Nalukettu project stands out from other as we construct Nalukettu by using the best and durable wood (old and new) without the traces of concrete materials. And on that note, they are ecofriendly and economic projects.

And we arrange Bhooparigraham,Vasthubali,Shilanyasam,Dwara Samarpanam ,Utharam Veyppu etc.. based on the Vasthu Shasthra ,and Grihaparigraham(Handing over the Key) will be done after all these processes.

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Remodeling and Renovating old houses

About the Director

Sri. Mithran Achary ,a Traditi]onal Architect and Interior Designer 30 years of experience in the construction field is the Director and Owner of Sthapathy Associates. He is blessed with the proud legacy of his beloved father Sri. Sthapathy Unikandan Achary, a Vastu Shasthra Jyothishi and Architect.Sri.Sthapathi Unikandan Achary has his renowned impression in ten thousands of constructed and renovated ,different types of houses and temples ,strictly following vastu principles inside and outside of Kerala. He passed away in 1996, and the legacy of Architecture carries forward without a loss in values in the hands of his beloved next generation Sri.K,U Mithran Achary .

Director's Message

As a team of expert architects and interior designers,we remain committed to the traditional architecture principles and eco friendly designs. Our ideals and objectives are the path to our success over the last 30 years. We design and draw the construction plan after a detailed discussion session with the client.Of course, the priority will be for the clients suggestions and point of view. And we will give the necessary add-ons to achieve cost effectiveness,material quality and look & feel of the building. Some technical changes can be possible even after the plan is approved. We use natural materials like Real Wood, Laminated Wood,Terracotta ,Black Stone etc... only, for the construction and interiors.So, Its not needed to install the artificial cooling methods(Air conditioner,Cooler) inside the building.

Our Loyal team of workers and professionals are always strive to deliver on our promises ,and excel our performance to the clients satisfaction

Architect .K.U .Mithran
The Managing Director


Work Sevices

Our Great Services

Our have the best people with whom we can overcome all obstacles in our way, with whom we confidently look to the future

Interior design

We decide the most suitable interiors suitable for the construction style and impliment in the natural methods,making wonderful

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Architecture design

Our expert team will develop the nature friendly,easthetic,spacious and cost effective architectural design as per the clients requirements.

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Residential design

We pave a way to your decisions for making your dream home-with some tips of traditional constructions style and materials

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Commercial design

Commercial Designs like auditorium,educational institutions etc.. can be developed cost effectively with the aesthetic values of the traditional style.

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Kitchen design

We incorporate the traditional kitchen designs with the modern life style kithen ideas. This improves the air circulation,cooling,pest control along with the modern facilities.

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Landscape design

Vastu-Complaint house plans are possible at any kind of plot. Landscapes are designed based on the traditional principles to allow the flow of rain water properly.

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Address: Sthapathyassociates Second floor, Kbees Complex, North Nada Kodungallur.

Office: 0480 2802638
Mobile: 9746811122
Mobile: 9496089007

Email: sthapathyassociateskdlr@gmail.com